Driving Electrification with End-to-end Simulation and Software Development

The race is on to power the electric revolution and overcome significant challenges of engineering highly advanced electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive and aerospace and defense industries.

In the automotive arena, consumers expect new EVs to match the performance of today’s gasoline-powered cars. EVs must have a similar cost, drive 300 miles on a single charge and restore battery life in mere minutes.

Achieving this requires reimagining your electrification design approaches — resulting in significant development time and expense as electric car motor, powertrain and battery prototypes must be developed.

From automobiles to aircraft, only multiphysics simulation enables you to rapidly and reliably innovate next-generation electrification advancements, radically reduce the need for costly prototype development and speed new products to market.

Electrification: Achieving Next-Level Performance

Engineers at Volkswagen Motorsport used a six-step multiphysics simulation design process to develop an electric race car
that achieved a stunning, record-breaking victory in the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Watch the video – to learn how ANSYS helped power Volkswagen Motorsport.

Watch the video

Fast and accurate simulation solutions that get you to the electrification finish line

Electric Machine/Motor
  • Design the smallest, most efficient EV motor possible.
  • Eliminate noise, thermal and production challenges emanating from high power densities, exotic materials and new cooling technologies.
  • Stay within manufacturing budget and fulfill expected service life while minimizing warranty costs.
Electric Machine Webinar Series
Battery & Power Source
  • Fit massive power volume into a package that meets unprecedented size, weight and cost goals.
  • Ensure batteries continuously balance a state of charge and always perform reliably while:
    • Overcoming electrochemical aging
    • Managing thermal cooling
    • Resisting catastrophic failure
Battery Webinar Series
Power Electronics
  • Create power electronics that enable EV motors with the highest levels of efficiency and performance.
  • Design and validate how complex systems interact with electric machines while operating within critical temperature, EMC and EMI limits
Power Electronics Webinar Series
Powertrain Integration
  • Reliably deliver on design goals by accurately incorporating batteries into coupled systems with:
    • Motors
    • Mechanical loads
    • Cabling
    • Packaging
    • Software
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