Simulation, Modeling & Analysis Solutions for Energy

The increasing worldwide need for reliable energy at a reasonable cost, combined with growing environmental concerns, has brought energy science and engineering into the global spotlight. Companies are challenged to improve existing power generation technologies, improve energy intensity, reduce energy use, and develop innovative new solutions that balance demand, cost and environmental priorities.

Applying engineering simulation early in product and project development, enables cost effective ways to evaluate new concepts, faster and with greater frequency than with traditional prototyping and testing methods.

Energy-based projects benefit from the high-fidelity, full functionality and multidisciplinary capabilities of engineering simulation software. ANSYS has an established leadership position in energy and related industries. Its solutions are being employed in energy production and power generation projects - including renewable (wind, solar, fuel cells, hydropower, ocean & tidal wave, nuclear, fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), as well as energy reduction and efficiency projects. ANSYS engineering simulation for energy expand across product and process design, pollution reduction and control, carbon reduction and separation, improved fuel efficiency, reduced packaging weight, new fuel development, and meeting energy efficiency and regulatory requirements.


Digital Twins: Making the Vision Achievable

While the benefits are obvious, companies have struggled with how to achieve this vision. But now there is a practical solution.

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Though coal utilization varies in different parts of the world, the fuel is, and will remain, an integral part of the global energy mix, primarily for power generation. In the United States, coal-fired thermal generation represents almost half of total electricity production. Due to its broad availability and low cost, coal is an important source of energy for many other countries around the globe.

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Protecting and improving the quality of our environment requires innovative design solutions that meet the increasing demand for sustainable and green technologies — while complying with more-stringent government regulations aimed at reducing the overall carbon footprints. These issues are significant for a variety of industries.

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Since its inception more than 40 years ago, ANSYS has been developing simulation solutions that are well suited to address engineering and regulatory concerns and standards in the global nuclear industry.

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Oil & Gas

Worldwide demand for oil and gas means increased production in offshore, small and mature fields; more remote, deeper and arctic reserves; and unconventional resources. Producing oil and gas from these resources creates challenges that require advanced technologies to increase yield as well as reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs — all while efficiently managing production during the life of the field.

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Power Generation

As global demand has increased for a balanced energy mix that combines conventional and renewable sources — and as environmental regulations have tightened regarding emissions and greenhouse gases — the power generation industry has made its own advances in protecting the environment while meeting ever increasing demand.

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Renewable Energy

The term renewable energy encompasses an incredibly diverse array of innovative technologies that capitalize on natural sources for power generation. From traditional and new resources — such as biomass, water, wind, sun-powered fuel cells, tidal and wave, and geothermal — renewable energy is playing an ever-increasing role in the global share of electricity generation, as both energy producers and consumers seek to minimize their environmental impacts while balancing real-world financial and efficiency pressures.

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