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Total Brake System Design and Instability and Noise Prediction

Automotive and Aerospace braking systems can generate several kinds of noises. Brake discs develop large and sustained friction-induced oscillations, referred to simply as brake squeal. Many engineering approaches have been implemented to attack the problem. One example is the complex eigenvalue method by which squeal propensity is quantified by the dynamic instability of a certain system mode. In Ansys, to predict the onset of instability, one can perform a modal analysis of the pre-stressed structure. The pre-stress may be due to a combination of assembly/operational loads and thermal loads. The presence of unstable modes suggests that the geometry parameters and material properties of the braking system need to be modified.

Ansys offers three different methods to perform a brake squeal analysis. These three methodologies can be executed in a parametric and persistent environment called Ansys Workbench. A parametric workflow, from CAD model to CAE solution, is in turn the path to parametric design optimization.


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