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Pedagogy of Performance Indices

Material selection is a key element in most product development and product designs. It involves screening the materials for design constraints followed by the ranking of remaining candidates. The question is, how can this ranking be done in a systematic and objective way?

This webinar examines the fundamental aspects of systematic material selection, using the methodology developed by Prof. Mike Ashby and his colleagues. We will highlight why performance indices are needed and how to derive these based on design requirements. Additionally, we will showcase the basic visual selection used in many undergraduate engineering programs and the advanced multi-objective approach used by professionals. Lastly, several examples from industrial case studies will be shared and demonstrated live.

  • Discover how EduPack is used to facilitate basic and advanced materials selection.
  • Learn why performance indices are needed and how to derive them.
  • Find out how performance indices are being used by exploring examples from engineering applications across several areas.


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