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Concepts of PCB Design, Manufacturing and Testing for Mechanical and Reliability Engineers

In the electronics industry, the quality and reliability of a printed circuit board (PCB) is highly dependent upon the capabilities of the PCB fabrication suppliers. As such, the design engineer needs to understand the processes involved in designing and fabricating circuit boards in order to enhance PCB reliability. Furthermore, designing PCBs today is more difficult than ever before due to significantly increased density, higher lead-free processing temperatures and the associated changes required in manufacturing. Without stringent controls in place for PCB supplier selection, qualification and management, long-term product quality and reliability is neither achievable nor sustainable.

This webinar will discuss the typical PCB manufacturing process, define differences between various laminates and pre-preg materials, delve into terminology used in the fabrication industry, and describe how the outputs of these tools can be directly imported into Ansys software for analysis even before the circuit board has been fabricated.


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