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Optimize Your Composite Part Performance Using Ansys and MultiMech 2018

The ability to predict damage at the material microstructural level is now available to Ansys Workbench users.

Ansys and MultiMechanics are excited to present the MultiMech for Ansys platform, a powerful plug-in that empowers engineers to create detailed, accurate microstructural models directly within Workbench. Using MultiMech for Ansys, engineers can zoom into their material’s microstructure to analyze damage and better predict how their material will affect part performance.

During this on-demand webinar, we will present:

  • Generation of a microstructure within Ansys Mechanical, including creating a new material model and editing/importing an existing one
  • An example of a homogenized multiscale simulation (linear)
  • An example of a fully coupled multiscale simulation (nonlinear)
  • Importation of fiber orientation data
  • Selection of elements before the simulation to output the microstructural results
  • Final results showing any damage within the microstructure


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