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Speed Up CFD Spray Simulations Using the New VOF to DPM Multiphase Model

Sprays are everywhere — emerging from nozzles, injectors, hoses and many more sources. Physical measurement used to be the only practical way to determine if a certain spray head was designed properly for a given fluid, with specified operating conditions and required droplet sizes. Simulation could provide accurate, validated results for any type of spray, but the large computational requirements limited the size of problems that one could solve, especially if the goal was to resolve very fine spray details.

Now an exciting new technology in Ansys Fluent makes fast simulation of spray processes with the finest details practical:

  • The new hybrid VOF to DPM multiphase CFD model enables you to simulate spray processes with the finest details.
  • The new model incorporates mesh adaptation techniques to speed up spray simulations without compromising spray details.

View this on-demand webinar to see a live demonstration of the VOF to DPM capability.


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