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Date: 10/2019


Ansys Solutions for Battery Modeling and Simulation

With the rising demand for ultra-low power design methodologies in power electronics and electric vehicle manufacturing, advances in battery technology have become increasingly important. To save time and costs associated with battery experimentation during R&D, modeling and simulation has become essential. 

Watch this webinar to learn about Ansys solutions for battery modeling and simulation, including: 

  • The CFD-based multiscale, multidimensional module in Ansys Fluent for quantifying the 3-D thermal and electrical performance of batteries and thermal abuse scenarios, including projectile impact on a battery pack.
  • Ansys ACT extensions and tool kits involving linear and time-invariance (LTI) and singular value decomposition (SVD) ROM for constructing thermal reduced-order models (ROMs), providing both average and field-level temperature data at a module level.
  • Ansys Simplorer integration of electrical circuit models with thermal ROMs within to provide a systems-level understanding of battery thermal and electrical performance under various load-level scenarios.


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