The development of new intelligent systems and products requires an iterative process that flows from design to virtual testing, then back to design for refinement.

Ansys VRXPERIENCE simulation platform has been designed and developed to support this type of iterative process for cutting-edge systems. The complete solution extends from dedicated applications for developing ADAS and autonomous systems — including component-level model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing through system-level verification and validation with software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation — to the accurate simulation of perceived quality, which anticipates the visual aspect of products. VRXPERIENCE also accounts for human factors by simulating human-machine interaction (HMI) behaviors in a 3D virtual environment.

The simulation capabilities of VRXPERIENCE extend to the accurate simulation and advanced analysis of your product’s sound, so you can create your brand’s unique sound signature.

The platform’s powerful simulation capabilities greatly reduce the time and cost of physical testing.

Virtually experience a test drive

Test and optimize the performance of your intelligent headlamp units, sensors and HMIs with the Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™.

With this real-time, interactive driving simulator, virtually experience real-world driving conditions. Test your vehicle under variable terrain, weather and lighting conditions, to assess sensor perception, sensor fusion and systems operations.

In a fraction of the time required to physically drive the billions of miles required for safety certification, virtually test your vehicle in a closed-loop simulation environment.

VRXPERIENCE greatly reduces the time and cost of development by enabling a repeatable process for modified sensor inputs.

Dynamically validate lighting systems

Evaluate your headlight within a complete physics-based simulation in a dynamic virtual driving environment, both for automatic driving and basic manual driving capabilities. It has never been so easy to evaluate systems and to perform regulation checks in driving conditions.

  • Ansys VRXPERIENCE Headlamp virtually simulates all night conditions for testing intelligent headlights and autonomous driving (AD) systems.

Safely test sensors for autonomous systems

Based on realistic driving conditions, VRXPERIENCE makes the same reliable decisions as the future real-world connected vehicle will. By providing a realistic physics-based sensor response in real time for camera systems, lidars, radars and ultrasonic sensors, VRXPERIENCE gives the digital car all required information about its environment, enabling you to create the safest autopilot systems.

Significantly elevate perceived quality

Predict and validate the impact of lighting and material variations on appearance and perceived quality by delivering the ultimate virtual customer experience. Optimize your product to create a robust design that eliminates the need for multiple, expensive physical prototypes. Ensure that virtual prototypes are reliable and achievable, and that they deliver the highest possible perceived quality without increasing cost. By optimizing visual perceived quality, you deliver:

Interactively assess HMIs

Place drivers at the wheel of the vehicle design process. Within an immersive driving environment, efficiently evaluate the driver’s responses to new intelligent driving systems or advanced proactive safety systems, and ensure they will instantaneously understand important information. For the first time, discover a steadfast and accurate method of testing driver interactions with your future product and HMI, without endangering lives or damaging expensive equipment.

Expertly engineer a new sound dimension

With ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Sound, create the perfect sound signature for your products. This comprehensive solution for sound analysis facilitates measurement of the perceived sound quality and 3D playback. Listen to Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Fluent, Ansys LS-DYNA and Ansys Motion simulations (e.g., vibration), modify sounds to evaluate the effects of level changes on components, embed the modified sound into a simulation and run a study on sound quality. Set up psychoacoustic tests based on a listener panel and obtain statistics about the true perception of your sounds. Take advantage of the intuitive user interface, with a graphic display of sounds, to easily create the perfect sound signature for your product.


Experience True-to-Life Visuals with VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality

Improve the final quality of your product by detecting lighting issues and unwanted reflections early in the design process. Virtually experience your product thanks to 360-degree VR offline simulation with dynamic lighting control. Test your lighting conditions in real time and explore and animate unlimited optical results.

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  • Driving Simulator

    VRXPERIENCE offers a driving simulation environment with SCANeR, including scenarios, traffic and vehicle dynamics run time. You can also create custom virtual road environments and testing scenarios.

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  • Headlamp

    Extend your testing toward intelligent lighting, connected with control law models (AFS/ADB, Matrix beam, Pixel HD light). Also discover exclusive IIHS and glare rating capabilities.

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  • HMI

    With VRXPERIENCE, test and validate the full cockpit design for HMIs, including virtual displays and actuators, through visual simulation, eye and finger tracking, and haptic feedback.

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  • Perceived Quality Analysis

    VRXPERIENCE allows you to visualize, in full scale and in virtual reality, the impact of assembly and shape deviations on the perceived quality of your product, taking into account manufacturing variations.

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  • Sensor

    VRXPERIENCE readily integrates the simulation of ground-truth sensors and camera and lidar sensor types. Powerful graphical visualization capabilities enable you to assess your complex ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles virtually.

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  • Sound

    VRXPERIENCE enables the creation of realistic sound sources and immersive 3D soundscapes. The generation and control of sounds for the driving simulator is easy, and you can also perform perception study and 3D sound playback.

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  • ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation

    Combines design and engineering processes into a singe workflow, to deliver engineering-grade light simulation to studio designers.

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