A simulation-based digital twin is a connected, virtual replica of an in-service physical asset — in the form of an integrated multidomain system simulation —which mirrors the life and experience of the asset. Digital twins enable system design and optimization and predictive maintenance, and optimize industrial asset management.

By implementing Ansys Twin Builder, you can improve top-line revenue, manage bottom-line costs and both gain and retain a competitive advantage. For example, digital twins will allow you to analyze predictive maintenance outcomes to save on warranty and insurance costs, and optimize your product’s operations.

To build your system easily and quickly, Twin Builder combines the power of a multidomain systems modeler, with extensive 0D application-specific libraries, 3D physics solvers and reduced-order model (ROM) capabilities. When combined with embedded software development tools, Twin Builder allows you to reuse existing components and quickly create a systems model of your product.

To validate your system and ensure expected performance, Twin Builder combines multidomain systems simulation capabilities with rapid human-machine interface (HMI) prototyping, systems optimization and XiL validation tools.

To connect your twin to test or real-time data, Twin Builder easily integrates with industrial internet of things (IIoT) platforms and contains runtime deployment options, allowing you to perform predictive maintenance on your physical product. It is the only product that offers a packaged approach for your digital twin strategy.

Building Your Twin
Reduce engineering time to build an accurate physics-based twin twice as fast, through model reuse and easy composition with capabilities, including:

  • Support for multiple modeling domains and languages
  • Extensive 0D application-specific libraries
  • Third-party tool (including 1D) integration
  • 3D ROM creation and integration
  • Embedded software integration

Validating Your Twin
Validate an accurate representation of your product and optimize product performance by 25% using:

  • Multidomain simulation with integrated post-processing
  • Rapid HMI prototyping
  • Systems optimization
  • XiL integration

Deploying Your Twin
Improve operations with a 10-20% reduction in maintenance costs:

  • Quickly connect to supported IIoT platforms
  • Export and deploy generated models
  • Verify and validate your twin with Ansys Twin Deployer
twin builder


  • Multidomain Systems Modeler

    Compose your system using multiple domains and languages. Create hierarchical schematics of complex power electronic circuits and multidomain systems.

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  • Extensive 0D Application-Specific Libraries

    Select models from multiple physical domains and multiple levels of fidelity to capture the desired system dynamics at an appropriate level of detail.

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  • Third Party Tool Integration

    Twin Builder provides leading support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard, enabling you to combine models from a variety of sources into a full system description.

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  • Reduced Order Models (ROMs)

    Reduced-Order Modeling (ROM) capabilities generate accurate and efficient system-level models from detailed 3D physics simulations.

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  • Embedded Software Integration

    Twin Builder readily integrates embedded control software and HMI design to support model-in -the-loop and software-in-the-loop flows for testing the performance of embedded controls with models of the physical system.

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  • Multidomain Systems Solver with Integrated Post-Processing

    Twin Builder performs efficient and accurate simulation of continuous-time, discrete-time and analog/mixed-signal behaviors. Powerful graphical waveform plotting capabilities enable you to visualize time-domain and frequency-domain data in a variety of 2D and 3D display and tabular formats.

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  • Rapid HMI Prototyping

    Twin Builder includes a rapid prototyper that enhances the simulation experience with powerful, easy-to-design, interactive graphical panels.

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  • System Optimization

    System performance can be optimized based on cost functions of specified design variables, using built-in algorithms or in connection with ANSYS DesignXplorer and ANSYS OptiSlang.

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  • XIL Integration

    Different techniques exist in Twin Builder for integrating software with a physical model, including: cosimulation for model-in-the-loop (MiL) design and tuning of control strategies, and code import for software-in-the-loop (SiL) validation of the real embedded code in the virtual system.

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  • IIoT Connectivity and Twin Verification and Validation (V&V)

    With Twin Builder, you can easily connect your digital twin to various IIoT platforms, to access test and real-time data. With the help of Ansys Twin Deployer, you can perform V&V activities on the twin before deploying.

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Automating Battery Pack Design

Automating Battery Pack Design

Systems-level simulation energizes the virtual prototyping process for electric vehicle batteries.

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Meggitt’s Use of Twin Builder for Hardware/Software Cosimulation

Meggitt had to redesign the controller, including software, in a very short period of time. Using a SCADE-Twin Builder co-simulation approach, they were able to hit safety of flight in 7 months, and certify the entire product in just about a year.

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