ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager

Connecting Your Teams, Data, Tools and Processes

As products have become steadily more sophisticated and simulation software has improved, engineering simulations have become numerically larger, higher in fidelity and more accurate at predicting how products will perform when exposed to multiple real-world forces. Fortunately, improvements in hardware and high-performance computing (HPC) environments have occurred simultaneously, allowing these large, complex simulations to be processed quickly — supporting the speed at which today’s product development teams need to work.

However, a significant challenge remains: How can today’s globally distributed product development teams access and share this large volume of simulation data, easily and securely? How can they support the collaborative workflows needed to pool their expertise, hand off tasks and move new product designs quickly toward market launch?

ANSYS offers a unique solution to answer this challenge — ANSYS Enterprise Knowledge Manager (EKM). ANSYS EKM is a web-enabled scalable system that enables your engineering team to manage and share simulation data, integrate heterogeneous simulation tools and create easy-to-follow workflows for your entire product development team, while providing the greatest level of data security to protect your company’s intellectual property.

ANSYS EKM delivers benefits to all levels of an enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts, to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in the complete scope of simulation activities.


Simulation Data Management

Manage your engineering data and complete simulation IP created by ANSYS and non-ANSYS tools to ensure data integrity, security and reusability.

EKM Capability: Simulation Data Management
Simulation Process Management

Capture your complete simulation process using templates to enhance collaboration between multiple users and decision makers ensuring traceability, consistency, reusability and repeatability.

EKM Capability: Simulation Process Management
HPC Enablement

EKM lets you access your on-premise centralized compute clusters using a web browser. Simulation analysts can launch, monitor and control their interactive or batch jobs on remote compute resources anytime and from anywhere using HPC Gateway.

EKM Capability: HPC Enablement