ANSYS Electronics Enterprise is a comprehensive single-user software package that includes all the capabilities of ANSYS Electronics Pro and ANSYS Electronics Premium and enables many additional advanced capabilities. This powerful software package enables engineers to analyze a broad range of electromagnetic, electromechanical, RF, circuit and system-level applications with access to the full suite of ANSYS Electronics simulation tools, including coupled multiphysics solutions (e.g., HFSS and Icepak electrothermal simulations).

The Enterprise package enables Accelerated Doppler processing for ANSYS HFSS SBR+ and extends SIwave to include HFSS Regions, Nexxim time-domain circuit simulation, fast impedance and cross-talk scanning, near- and far-field radiation patterns, and IBIS analysis for virtual compliance.

In addition, Electronics Enterprise users gain access to SpaceClaim Design Modeler for direct modeling and CAD geometry clean-up, along with Design of Experiments for rapid design exploration.

ANSYS Electronics Enterprise 

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