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We develop Motor-CAD: dedicated electric motor design software for the multiphysics simulation of electrical machines across the full torque-speed range. With Motor-CAD, electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical performance tests can be carried out in seconds, so design engineers can evaluate more motor topologies and fully assess the impact of advanced loss effects in the initial stages of a design. Motor-CAD software’s advanced links to Ansys tools allow motor designers to quickly explore the whole design space and conduct vital checks in Motor-CAD before exporting the design into Ansys tools, such as Ansys Maxwell, for further analysis.

Motor-CAD functionality includes:

Electromagnetic and electrical performance predictions - The Motor-CAD EMag module uses a combination of a 2D FE solver and analytical algorithms for fast calculation of electromagnetic performance. Optimise designs easily with our extensive range of parameterised templates and geometries.

Thermal performance predictions and advanced cooling system design - The Motor-CAD Therm module is the industry-standard tool for thermal analysis of electric machines, with over 20 years of inbuilt experience. Calculate the temperature of the motor components in steady-state and transient operating conditions and accurately model thermal behaviour within seconds of calculation.

Mechanical analysis - The Motor-CAD Mech module uses a built in 2D FE solver to analyse stress and displacement in rotors during operation.

Efficiency mapping and performance across a duty cycle - The Motor-CAD Lab module enables rapid and accurate analysis of any electric machine design over the full operat

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