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HFSS 3D Layout Webinar Series

Do you work with PCBs, IC Packages, ICs, Filters or Antennas? How are you solving the critical Electromagnetic issues in your circuit today? You cannot miss out on using HFSS on your complex layout geometries. Import your layout geometry from any PCB tool into HFSS easily.

Our Promise – “There is no PCB, Package, IC complexity that HFSS 3D Layout cannot solve”

This webinar series shows you how the HFSS adaptive meshing technology handles massive PCB layout geometries and gives you the most accurate results using real customer examples. It also covers the use of HPC with HFSS to drastically reduce your simulation times. Do not miss out on using the many fantastic capabilities shown in the webinar series, upgrade to the latest version of HFSS!

On Demand Webinars


Using Azure Cloud to Rapidly Simulate Layout Designs in HFSS

This webinar showcases how Ansys HFSS takes advantage of cloud computing power to drastically reduce simulation time to solve complex layout geometries.

  • Receive expert insights for upgrading to the latest version to significantly reduce your simulation time.
  • Discover how HFSS is enabled on Azure Cloud.
  • Explore real-world use case examples that show simulation speed scalability when using cloud resources.
  • Learn how HFSS simulations can take advantage of multiple nodes, RAM and CPU cores to speed up simulation.

True System Design with HFSS 3D Layout Speaker: Aaron Edwards

This webinar highlights how HFSS 3D Layout environment enables engineers to assemble full systems together in one design.

  • Learn how to assemble complex board, package and connector geometry into one design.
  • Explore automation features that help perform quick and easy model setup.
  • Understand how simulation is enabled by using 3D components in HFSS.
  • Discover how to visualize electric field response of full system circuits.

Using HFSS to Optimize your Complex PCB Layout

This webinar explores how HFSS 3D Layout delivers unmatched capacity to solve your incredibly complex layout designs, improving initial meshing up to 27x.

  • Understand how new HFSS solver technology enables massive layout geometry handling capacity.
  • Discover how HFSS 3D Layout makes solving of Package / SiP / PCB files from any ECAD tool very simple, yet robust.
  • Explore how the capacity of 3D Layout simulations can outperform even the oldest HFSS 3D simulations.
  • Learn from real Ansys customer examples on how HFSS 3D Layout solves the most complex problems.

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