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Earth Rescue

The climate crisis is here.

But so is the human ingenuity to fight it.

Earth Rescue reveals what visionary companies are doing today to engineer radical new ideas in the fight against climate change..

Episode 1: Power

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is an Earth Scientist with his Masters in Climate Change Development and is a PhD candidate for Climate Change Communication. Based in Bristol, England, Rosh also hosts his own YouTube series, All About Climate, a channel dedicated to communicating climate science and combating misinformation about global warming.

Protecting the Earth Takes All of Us

From educators to manufacturers, start-ups to industry giants, sustainability is a priority we all can get behind.

Emerging Companies

Have a sustainable idea that’s just taking off?

Turning your world-changing idea into a reality is a huge undertaking for early-stage organizations. See how Ansys is committed to helping start-ups solve their engineering challenges to take the next great leap of innovation.

Continuing Education

Stay current...

Stay current with sustainable best practices. From choosing materials to testing designs virtually, learn about the latest techniques in reducing waste throughout the product life cycle. Sign up for free online courses used by students, researchers and engineers around the world.

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