ANSYS partners provide extensive resources, training and support to help our customers realize the competitive advantages of simulation driven product development. Read below to learn more about the partnership types available at ANSYS. Click the accompanying “Become a Partner” button and begin your partner journey. We strive everyday to provide a best-in-class experience for our partners.

Academic Partnership

ANSYS academic partnerships are designed to provide benefits to all stakeholders: students, academics, educational institutions, industry, and ANSYS. Students become part of the CAE community through real-world project participation; professors can further their academic careers via broad exposure to industry and applications. Academic partners share their successes through ANSYS Advantage articles, updates on our website, technical journal articles, conference presentations and similar published materials. ANSYS currently has more than 150 academic partnerships around the world.

Channel Partnership

ANSYS channel partnerships are created to ensure ANSYS software solutions reach every potential customer. The ANSYS Channel Partner Program is designed to promote customer success through re-sell activity of ANSYS software solutions. Channel partners are required to meet stringent certification and resource requirements. This comprehensive program includes thorough sales and technical training on ANSYS solutions, certification, support for awareness, promotional and demand generation activities, field sales support and performance measurement. Channel partners undergo staff certification in both technical and sales areas, conduct annual business planning and reporting along multiple dimensions, and provide valuable feedback on the product portfolio and customer engagement with ANSYS.

Solution Partnership

ANSYS solution partnerships are designed to develop, deliver and enhance world-class simulation solutions and services. These collaborations provide our customers with opportunities to optimize product performance and improve product development processes. ANSYS currently features six solution partner types: High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud-Hosting, Semiconductor, Software, Hardware and Services. ANSYS is always evaluating new solution partner types and specializations that will create a best-in-class experience for our customers.

Services Partners

The Ansys Services Partner Network is a global network of experienced Services Partners whose mission is helping Ansys customers maximize the value of their Ansys technology investment. Spanning the range from user-level and project-level support to enterprise-wide deployments, the Ansys Services Partner Network helps our customers achieve success quickly. Our Services Partners deliver a full portfolio of professional consulting and training services on select Ansys products, including:

  • Project support and mentoring
  • Custom training
  • Simulation workflow design and automation
  • Technology implementation and deployment