Maintain and Improve Reliability, Durability, Safety, Tolerance to Cycling

High firing temperatures can shorten product life; an appropriate thermal management strategy can mitigate detrimental effects. Optimal control and placement of cooling air requires detailed knowledge of the flow field around hot components, with the ability to accurately predict stress, vibration, heat transfer and temperature — inputs required for accurate life prediction. All must be available over a broad operating range, including startup and shutdown conditions.

A complete multiphysics solution from ANSYS provides the integrated tools and workflow necessary for assessing and improving machine durability. ANSYS CFD solutions provide flow field and boundary conditions for detailed component thermal analysis. Inputs for thermal stress analysis can be transferred from CFD or directly determined during mechanical analysis. Modal, nonlinear stress and complete rotordynamics simulations, including housing/support effects, complete the structural solution. A unique blend of CFD, structural and dynamics capabilities enable detailed aero-elastic simulation, providing unmatched fidelity and insight into machine stability.

Maintain and Improve Reliability