How Accurate Fluid Simulation Helps You Develop Best-in-Class Products - White Paper

For over 25 years, engineers have leveraged computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to bring higher performing products to market in less time by exploring a wide range of design alternatives in the early stages of the design process. Today, demands by customers for increased functionality and higher levels of performance, the increasingly strict regulatory environment and the upsurge in global competition have challenged engineers to increase the pace of innovation. With the easy gains behind them, engineers are forced to push the edge of the design envelope where interactions between different physics, moving boundaries, extreme conditions, etc., create many new design challenges. In this new and more challenging environment, the ability of CFD software to make fully accurate predictions of the performance of proposed designs has become more critical than ever before. Not all CFD software is equal, and engineers need to make sure the product they choose is up to the job.
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