ESD Analysis in High Performance Designs has to be Dynamic

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) has been a problem for ICs since we started building these devices. A highly sophisticated device can become instantaneously worthless through a static discharge zap. This can be a concern in almost any application domain but has become especially problematic in designs using advanced processes for high-performance. Obvious examples include high-performance servers, high-speed networking through serial interfaces (e.g., 112 Gbps), high-bandwidth wireless communication (5G) and high-bandwidth interfaces to stacked memory in 3D packaging. Mobile applications commonly have touch screens, an obvious discharge path for static. And many of these high-performance applications have moved into automobiles for ADAS, object recognition, increased drive-by-wire control, infotainment and semi-autonomous controls. Learn how ANSYS PathFinder, the industry proven solution for ESD simulation, can help you take a step toward reducing your ESD headaches and person-weeks of effort for designing effective ESD protection schemes to guard against charged device model (CDM) ESD failures through dynamic ESD analysis.
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