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GRANTA EduPack case study – Transportation: Railway Lightweighting

For materials educators, this webinar shows how your teaching can be enriched through the use of a powerful industrial case study that examines potential materials for lightweighting railway transportation. Ansys GRANTA EduPack is used to investigate different train components in order to reduce the weight and environmental impact. For example, when considering the unsprung mass, lightweighting has the potential to reduce both energy consumption and track damage. Several types of transports are considered, such as high-speed, goods and passenger trains, as well as both light metal and composite material substitutes. A comparison with truck-based road transport systems and the use of structural composites will also be explored.

Higher education faculty who are engaged in materials education will benefit from this free webinar which will provide new examples for teaching advanced level materials selection. Join us to learn:

  • How to use EduPack for lightweighting in transportation.
  • How to effectively apply EduPack’s materials selection tools for typical mechanical engineering design.
  • How to balance trade-offs between ideal engineering designs and standards within safety-critical industries, such as railways.


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