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Towards Human Respiratory Digital Twin Using CFPD and PBPK Models

This webinar will present a guide on how to use Computational Fluid-Particle Dynamics (CFPD) plus Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models to noninvasively predict the fate of inhaled and therapeutic aerosol in 3D patient-specific human respiratory systems. The step-by-step modeling procedure should help the audience set up the CFPD-PBPK/TK model accurately.

Starting from the fundamentals of CFPD-PBPK governing equations, we cover the problems of identification, pre-processing, solving and post-processing steps to perform a computational lung aerosol dynamics simulation, emphasizing (a) the importance of correct reconstruction and mesh generation of the pulmonary airways; (b) the significance of choosing the appropriate turbulence model to predict the laminar-to-turbulence pulmonary airflow regimes; and (c) the standard validation and verification procedures of submodels in the CFPD-PBPK modeling framework. We will highlight the missing biomechanisms and aerosol dynamics in the currently available CFPD-PBPK models that need to be considered to build the next-generation virtual human whole-lung models, including digital twins and personal digital avatars.

Moderator: Thierry Marchal, Ansys
Presenter: Yu Feng, Oklahoma State University



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