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Ansys 2022 R1: Ansys Twin Builder Update

Discover the new features of Ansys Twin Builder in our latest release, Ansys 2022 R1, which transforms your operations with data-driven and simulation-based digital twins, with our new Hybrid Digital Twin technology to increase your accuracy.

 Powerful enhancements and features include:

  • Faster deployment twin accuracy
  • Viewing and interacting with a simple web application to run an in-browser simulation with Twin Deployer
  • Improving workflow experience with Modelica new enhancements
  • Controlling your ROM output with new capabilities

With the latest release of Ansys Twin Builder, run your Twin Deployer simulation within a single Web App, and expand your 3D and images ROM visualizations with your team and customers.

What Attendees Will Learn

Here are 4 reasons to see the Ansys Twin Builder updates:

  • Twin Deployer with Hybrid Analytics
  • Export Web App from Twin Deployer
  • Modelica Conditional Connector and Parameter Support
  • Constraints on ROM Output

Manzoor Tiwana, Lead Product Manager, Ansys Twin Builder
Christophe Petre, Lead Product Specialist, Ansys Twin Builder


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