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Solutions for PCB Electromagnetic Interference

Simulation Driven Product Development aids designers of printed circuit boards in meeting electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

In today’s world of highly complex printed circuit boards (PCBs), creating designs to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) targets is a necessity. However, during the early design stage, development of a robust power delivery network (PDN) is often neglected. Minimizing board resonances using decoupling capacitors and the proper power and ground plane design will reduce radiated emissions that cause electromagnetic interference (EMI). Signal layout on the PCB is critical to correct operation of analog and digital designs and will help reduce radiated emissions while minimizing interference on other signal nets.

Designing to meet these three objectives with moderately to highly complex PCBs requires the use of simulation to minimize time to market and cost. SIwave software was developed specifically to provide solutions that help engineers meet the objectives of a robust PDN, sound signal integrity (SI) and EMI/EMC targets. Although Ansys SIwave is predominantly used for post-layout extraction, its drawing and clipping capabilities can be used to perform Simulation Driven Product Development for pre-layout simulation on partial designs. SIwave technology supports multiple PCB layout databases.

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