With ANSYS VRXPERIENCE SOUND, you can listen to, analyze and design sound sources. Create immersive 3D soundscapes to enhance your product or your simulations based on recordings, CAE simulation outputs or your virtual reality (VR) environment.

Sound Analysis and Sound Quality

VRXPERIENCE SOUND offers a powerful suite of analysis tools focusing on sound perception. An intuitive graphic display of sounds and a one-click magnification control feature help create the perfect sound signature for your product. With the software, you can also set up psychoacoustic tests based on a listener panel, and obtain statistics about the real perception of your sounds. As a result, you can achieve and deliver the best sound.

You can also evaluate and improve the way a sound is perceived, by using tools based on time-frequency representations.

3D-Sound Playback Systems

VREXPERIENCE SOUND uses state-of-the-art 3D recording and playback techniques that create high-precision reproductions of 3D sounds and original timbres in a predefined space. You will discover how sound perception maximizes immersion in a specific real or virtual place.

Interactive Audio Simulators

VRXPERIENCE SOUND systems are specially designed to equip your simulators and VR platforms. Available for cars, aircraft and trains, they create realistic, interactive 3D soundscapes using real-time audio sound generation, which can be integrated with your simulators and platforms.

Engine Sound Design

VRXPERIENCE SOUND provides the Active Sound Design (ASD) comprehensive solution for engine sound enhancement (ESE) for electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

Sound Dimension - Sound Quality