Ansys ACT: Engineering Workflow Simulation Software

The fastest, easiest way to tailor your simulation workflows

Configuring simulation applications to fit your engineering workflows is complex and time-consuming. ACT simplifies this process so you can focus more on engineering your products than on customizing software. With ACT you can create apps to automate your routine workflows, customize specialized processes, develop business-specific applications, and integrate third-party tools and data with the ANSYS product line.

ACT uses easy-to-learn yet powerful XML and IronPython programming languages that enable even non-expert users to create custom apps for their advanced workflows — in days instead of the weeks or months usually required. Unlike typical software programming, you do not require any commercial Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for ACT. Instead, ANSYS provides an easy and intuitive development environment with complete documentation, templates and predefined applications to guide you through the process.

ACT’s simple App creation tools and intuitive APIs capture the best practices of expert engineering analysts to reduce training and implementation costs and enable a broader range of engineers and designers to effectively use simulation tools. ACT fosters development of a unified simulation workflow that integrates all ANSYS technologies and other engineering tools and data to maximize the productivity of engineering teams. Streamlined simulation workflows result in faster and better decisions throughout the entire product life cycle, from concept to product use.


Extend Your Simulation Functionality

Extend ANSYS applications to meet your business needs by creating new features such as new loads and boundary conditions, custom pre- and post-processing tools, etc.

Extend your simulation functionality
Compress Your Simulation Process

Leverage your engineering process experts’ knowledge and ACT’s custom wizards to compress your business-specific processes into streamlined apps.

Compress you simulation process
Customize Your Workflows

Manage your complex simulation workflows comprising multiple applications by unifying fragmented simulations within one environment.

Customize your workflows
Integrate Third Party Tools and Data

Integrate your external programs and data, define custom solvers and add new optimization algorithms in the flowchart-like schematic of ANSYS Workbench.

Integrate third party tools and data
Explore, Share and Sell Apps

Enhance your simulation experience while increasing the speed and scalability of simulation-led product creation by downloading apps and sharing your own across your entire ecosystem of global teams, suppliers and partners.

Explore share and sell apps
Develop Apps Effortlessly

A simple-yet-powerful app builder interface, consistent APIs and extensive developer resources guide you through the customization and app creation process.

Develop apps efortlessly

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Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation

ANSYS ACT automates and standardizes simulation at Whirlpool.
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As product complexity and competition increased in a fast-paced and highly regulated market, Oticon made the strategic choice to democratize the use of simulation across its organization. As a result, 75 percent of the work traditionally done by experts is now delegated to designers, freeing engineers to quickly create more innovative and reliable products. View Case Study