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Visit Ansys at IFPAC 2023

Ansys is presenting at this event, "A Multi-Scale Digital Twin to Predict and Control Real-Time Bioreactor Performance."

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Booth 517


June 4-7,  2023


Bethesda North Marriott


5701 Marinelli Road Rockville, Maryland 20852

In Silico Drug Manufacturing and Delivery

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical leaders are leveraging the power of in silico approaches to address the unsustainable cost and time required to develop drug manufacturing, production scale up and drug delivery processes. 

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Maximizing Bioreactor Efficiency with Ansys Twin Builder and Simulation

Bioreactors are the heart of drug manufacturing for biopharmaceutical companies. Used to house organisms, these tanks are critical in manufacturing and safeguarding lifesaving drugs for patients. 



Ansys HFSS Mesh Fusion enables simulation of PCBs, components and larger systems