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Penguin Computing designs, delivers and services computing, networking, storage and cloud solutions that leverage the latest in open technologies. Penguin Computing’s POD (Penguin Computing on Demand) is a public HPC cloud service that provides on-demand, high-performance supercomputing capabilities on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum charges.

POD provides the convenience of the cloud with the power of HPC bare-metal, Infiniband connected nodes. A 3D remote visualization option is available for post-processing; accelerating your time to results by eliminating long download times. POD removes the complexity and high costs out of cloud computing while offering a secure and reliable solution that is optimized for ANSYS users. Use your ANSYS licenses from your license server or host it on POD for free. POD has a clear and concise billing model, free technical support, and no data transfer charges.

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