LEAP Australia Pty Ltd (Elite Channel Partner)

LEAP Australia has a long established reputation for successfully delivering Computer Aided Engineering software and services to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand customers – from global leaders to small local companies.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers provide support, training, advice and customisation in their area of expertise, with specialist teams responsible for each of the key ANSYS physics codes; Mechanical, Fluids, Electronics & Systems.

The team at LEAP assist companies to choose and implement cutting-edge product development technologies that reduce costs, improve quality and increase overall productivity, employing tools from ANSYS as well as complementary technology from PTC such as CAD/CAM, PLM, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR).  LEAP is uniquely placed to support you to develop your smart connected products /operations, as well as realise the significant benefits of deploying a Digital Twin.

The LEAP team provides flexible training options to our customer base, from standard public training courses to customised mentoring and in-house assistance to ensure that new adopters get their projects up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Region(s) Served

Asia Pacific


Australia, New Zealand

ANSYS Certified Elite Channel Partner

Leap Australia

Greg Horner
Managing Director
Suite 6, 750 Blackburn Road,
Clayton North, Victoria, 3168,
1300 88 22 40 / +61-2 8966 7888

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