Advance Technology

Advance Technology LLC is a team of experienced engineers and a qualified provider of ANSYS engineering simulation software, offering a complete set of services to ensure its successful integration into customers’ product development processes. These services include technical support, customized training, state-of-the-art simulation methods implementation, workflow automation and integration with third-party software and high-performance computing resources.

What makes us special

  • Precise understanding of how engineering simulation is used in various industries (we have carried out over 50 R&D projects for our customers in aerospace, gas turbines and transportation).
  • Expertise in simulation tools, based on real-world problem solving.

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Country(s) Served

Russian Federation

Advance Technology

Alexey Shmakov
General Manager
office 305, 12/3,
Sibirskyi trakt, Ekaterinburg,
620100, Russian Federation