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ansys advantage XIV issue 1

Focus on Intelligent Mobility

This issue of Ansys Advantage describes how organizations around the world are creating the next generation of autonomous vehicles by simulating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and human-machine interactions.

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Featured Stories

  • Autonomous Cars to Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    Ansys is the exclusive simulation sponsor of a two-year, $1 million prize competition that will first be simulated inside Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR and then will culminate in a head-to-head, high-speed autonomous vehicle (AV) race.
  • Engineer Perception, Prediction and Planning into ADAS
    Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) — such as forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assistance (LKA) and blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems — can be analyzed using Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR.

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