UTC Climate, Controls & Security

For over 25 years, ANSYS has worked with UTC Climate, Controls & Security designers, engineers, analysts and researchers to create complete virtual prototypes via a single, integrated platform. This common engineering software simulation platform delivers a multiphysics solution encompassing structural mechanics, thermal and fluid dynamics and electromagnetics — all the necessary technology to fuel system-level models at the right level of accuracy, to support model-based development and digitization. Our partnership continues to enable critical milestone success.

As workflows in today's modeling environment grow in complexity, ANSYS helps you tame that complexity to retain your competitive edge. Our global company is committed to helping accelerate your time to revenue, improve your product quality and performance and reduce your product development and engineering costs.

Submit your installation and technical support requests online via the ANSYS Customer Portal.

UTC Climate Controls & Security has a dedicated ANSYS account support team committed to your success. Please reach out to us with any and all questions.


Federico Montanari
UTC Technical Account Manager

ANSYS Products & Services

Scott Berger
UTC Global Account Manager

CCS Internal Contacts

Satyam Bendapudi
Assoc. Dir. T&C MBD
+1 (315)-432 6435


Francois Lambert
+33 (0) 47225 2561


Vijaylakshmi Bondapalli
Technology Manager – CAE Group
+91 98662 37329


James Du
Staff Engineer - SRDC
+86 137 6428 6530

If you have any issues accessing the ANSYS Customer Portal, or a need to set up a new physical location, please contact Scott Berger.

ANSYS and UTC CCS have dedicated resources available for critical mission success.


  • Fulltime & short-term application specific mentoring
  • Demonstration & deployment of best practices
  • Providing access to ANSYS experts to ensure tool adoption success

We encourage you to inquire about funding/timeline/process via Scott Berger. Please don’t hesitate to ask about expert mentoring/training/development and workflows.

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Join your colleagues on the ANSYS Learning Hub for a wide variety of technical training modules.

UTC has full access to the ANSYS Learning Hub (ALH), which hosts learning resources covering more than 85 topics, 600 workshops, 100 hours of self-paced videos and 400 live events per year, delivered in-center or virtually.

Please contact Satyam Banapuddi to access the ANSYS Learning Hub

Once you are enrolled in the ANSYS Learning Hub, you can start to take all of the 85+ standard ANSYS training courses. (NOTE: You will need an activated ALH account login to view this info.)

In addition, you will be invited to join the UTC CCS specific virtual learning room within the ANSYS Learning Hub to engage with a dedicated ANSYS technical team for premium professional services. Once you enter this virtual room, you will be able to access all ANSYS-delivered, UTC Climate, Controls & Security-specific webinars and private training materials. Feel free to explore this virtual training facility per your interest. Please reach out to Laine Gillespie directly if you encounter any questions during this process.

Check out the following training curricula that are specifically designed for UTC-CCS engineers. (NOTE: An ALH login is required to view the contents.)