For over 20 years, we’ve been helping NGC designers, engineers, analysts and researchers create complete virtual prototypes via a single, integrated platform. This common engineering software simulation platform delivers a multiphysics solution encompassing structural mechanics, thermal and fluid dynamics and electromagnetics — all the necessary technology to fuel future digital twins.

As workflows in today's integrated digital environment (IDE) grow in complexity, we help you tame that complexity to retain your competitive edge. Our global company is committed to helping you capture more awards, accelerate your time to revenue, improve your product quality and performance and reduce your product development and engineering costs.

“Northrop Grumman is excited to be able to bring new ideas, tools, and partnerships to the table as we continue to innovate in the future integrated design, simulation, and analysis space”
-Patrick Antkowiak, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President, Northrop Grumman Corporation

"Northrop Grumman and ANSYS both have a long and proud tradition of innovation. We at ANSYS are delighted to partner with Northrop Grumman and offer our support to Pat and his entire extended team. We are excited for what we can accomplish together."
-Ajei Gopal, President and Chief Executive Officer, ANSYS

Tell me how the ANSYS Program Capture Initiative can help me differentiate my technical baseline

ANSYS and Northrop Grumman Corporation are partnering to improve the technical baseline for program pursuit. ANSYS is committed to providing our technologies, our software and our training to interested program managers during their "Pre-Milestone A" and "TMRR" pursuit stages. As long as you are competing for the award we will support you. Let's CAPTURE awards and WIN together.

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Help me find an improved simulation workflow in the ANSYS Technology Adoption Program

ANSYS and Northrop Grumman Corporation are partnering to bring pervasive engineering simulation technology to engineers who are building and designing next-generation products. This program provides ANSYS physics-based simulation solutions to Northrop Grumman Corporation to solve design and engineering challenges at no charge.

ANSYS software makes every step of the design and development process easier and faster:

  • Explore new technologies
  • Optimize existing processes and workflows
  • Create new processes and workflows
  • Discover and benchmark performance improvements
  • Train employees and interns
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Join my engineering colleagues on the ANSYS Learning Hub to receive valuable technical training

The ANSYS Learning Hub is a new e-learning system designed to deliver consistent, on-demand and fully customized training services to Northrop Grumman Corporation employees. Follow the steps below to register. If you already have enrolled, simply login to the ANSYS Learning Hub.

  • Click this link and follow the instructions to register.
  • Use your work email and this Activation Code (1-942045489) to identify your organization during the registration process.
  • NOTE: ANSYS is a U.S.-based company and thus must comply with U.S. export regulations. An export compliance screening (normally requiring 1–2 business days) will be needed before each trainee can be enrolled. 

Once you are enrolled in the ANSYS Learning Hub, you can start to take one or all of the 70+ standard ANSYS training courses that are listed here.

Live training events are listed here. (NOTE: you will need an activated ANSYS Learning Hub account login to view these pages.)

In addition, you are invited to join the NGC-specific virtual learning room within the ANSYS Learning Hub to engage with a dedicated member of the ANSYS technical team for premium professional services. Once you enter this virtual room, you will be able to access all NGC-specific webinars and private training materials. Feel free to explore this virtual training facility to get most out of this premium professional service program from ANSYS.

Please reach out to Rodger Zhao if you encounter any questions during this process.

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Show me how a multiphysics approach may improve my workflow

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