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For over 30 years, we have been helping engineers create virtual prototypes and virtually test complex electromechanical systems via a single, integrated platform. Recently we have extended instantaneous simulation to designers and engineers supporting early stage ideation efforts for which evaluating tens to hundreds of parameters is the key to robust design.

As projects grow in complexity and timelines shrink, we help cast members learn more about their designs faster with ANSYS Discovery technology. Our team is here to help you reduce your time to market, improve design robustness and help eliminate downtime from reliability/maintenance issues.

Innovate Faster with Reliable Results

Rapidly explore more design options in less time with ANSYS Discovery. With every iteration, you will receive instantaneous feedback to guide your next steps. ANSYS Discovery speeds design time by identifying potential weaknesses likely to delay development down the line, allowing for faster iteration, minimal rework and accelerated time to a finished product.

Excited to Learn More?

Check out upcoming workshops for cast members under the Lunch & Learn tab.

Before attending the workshops, watch these videos on how innovative companies are using ANSYS Discovery.

Rossignol engineers assessed changes in real-time and discussed them with team members to rapidly explore designs. What was previously a longer and more individual exercise became collaborative not just among engineers, but with every team member benefiting from simulation insight.

Rapidly explore, iterate and validate hundreds of potential shapes using topology optimization during upfront design and concept development for additive manufacturing or traditional manufacturing processes. Generate the optimal shape, material and process to ensure superior performance of your product before you start building it.

Lunch & Learn Series

ANSYS invites cast members to join us once a month for a live lecture and webinar series. We are bringing pervasive engineering simulation technology to engineers who are building and designing next-generation products. This program provides ANSYS physics-based simulation solutions to you in order to solve design and engineering challenges at no charge.

  • Explore new technologies
  • Optimize existing processes and workflows
  • Create new processes and workflows
  • Train employees and interns

There are two ways you can join the live lecture and webinar series:

  • Register to view the webcast during the lecture portion from noon to 1 PM, EST. Pre-registration is required.
  • Register to join onsite to attend the lecture and Q&A session in person. A calendar invitation will be sent from your internal contact regarding the conference room location.
Dates will be announced soon!

Join your engineering colleagues on the ANSYS Learning Hub to receive valuable technical training

The ANSYS Learning Hub is a new e-learning system designed to deliver consistent, fully customized, on-demand training services to cast members. Follow the steps below to register. If you already have enrolled, simply log in to the ANSYS Learning Hub.

  • Click this link and follow the instructions to register.
  • Use your work email and this Activation Code (1-875917870) to identify your organization during the registration process.
  • NOTE: ANSYS is a U.S.-based company and thus must comply with U.S. export regulations. An export compliance screening (normally requiring 1–2 business days) will be needed before each trainee can be enrolled. 

Once you are enrolled in the ANSYS Learning Hub, you can start to take one or all of the 70+ standard ANSYS training courses that are listed here.

Live training events are listed here. (NOTE: you will need an activated ANSYS Learning Hub account logon to view this info.)

In addition, you are invited to join the virtual learning room within the ANSYS Learning Hub to engage with a dedicated member of the ANSYS technical team for premium professional services. Once you enter this virtual room, you will be able to access webinars and private training materials specific to cast members. Feel free to explore this virtual training facility to get the most out of this premium professional service program from ANSYS.

Please reach out to Rodger Zhao directly if you have any questions during this process.

Cast members have a dedicated account support team at ANSYS that is committed to your success

Please reach out with any and all questions.
Submit your installation and technical support requests online via the ANSYS Customer Portal.

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