ANSYS + Cubic Corporation

ANSYS offers a comprehensive software suite that offers physics-based simulation solutions for all engineering design processes.

The suite’s unmatched depth and breadth — as well as multiphysics foundation, adaptive architecture and scalability — sets our technology apart from other CAE tools. These ANSYS advantages add value to the engineering design process by delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints to otherwise impossible-to-conduct analyses.

“ANSYS provides a powerful design simulation suite to validate electrical and mechanical and RF designs early in development. We are already utilizing this simulation software with considerable success in terms of validating complex designs before we go to prototype or builds — reducing rework. I highly encourage you to schedule a demo — it is worth the time!”
-Melanie Hagerty, Vice President, Engineering and Innovation, Cubic Corporation

“Both Cubic Corporation and ANSYS have a long and proud tradition of innovation. We at ANSYS are excited to partner with Cubic on their digital transformation journey, to ensure high-fidelity simulation supports the next generation of CGD, CMS and CTS product development. ONE ANSYS with One Cubic!”
-Prith Banerjee, ANSYS CTO and member of Cubic Corporation’s board of directors

Cubic Corporation has a dedicated support team at ANSYS that is committed to your success.

Please reach out to your site’s account manager with any and all questions or if you need support.

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Join your colleagues on the ANSYS Learning Hub for a wide variety of technical training modules.

Cubic Corporation has free access to the ANSYS Learning Hub’s virtual classes, self-paced training, collaborative learning rooms, live classes, and all course materials. If you have not enrolled in the ANSYS Learning Hub, please follow the steps below to register. If you are already enrolled, please skip the registration steps and jump to the next paragraph.

  • Click this link and follow the instructions to register.
  • Use your work email and this Activation Code (1-932215219-5-Aug-2020) to identify your organization during the registration process.
  • NOTE: ANSYS is a U.S.-based company and thus must comply with U.S. export regulations. An export compliance screening (normally requiring 1–2 business days) will be needed before each trainee can be enrolled.

Once you are enrolled in the ANSYS Learning Hub, you can start to take one or all of the 75+ standard ANSYS training courses that are listed here.

Live training events are listed here. (NOTE: you will need an activated ANSYS Learning Hub account login to view these pages.)

In addition, you are invited to join the Cubic Corporation-specific virtual learning room within the ANSYS Learning Hub to engage with a dedicated member of the ANSYS technical team for premium professional services. Once you enter this virtual room, you will be able to access all Cubi Corporation-specific webinars and private training materials. Feel free to explore this virtual training facility to get most out of this premium professional service program from ANSYS.

Please reach out to Rodger Zhao if you encounter any questions during this process.

Show me how a multiphysics approach may improve my workflow.


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