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Ansys and Navantia: At the forefront of digital transformation

Ansys is supporting Navantia’s journey to redefine the future of the naval industry.

Connect your simulations to broader, integrated system-level processes. Reduce simulation time. Create optimized workflows. Improve your virtual engineering through data-driven design.

Navantia Dedicated Webinars

Ansys regularly organizes technical webinars for the Navantia team, helping you increase your knowledge, capabilities, and network.

Live Webinar
October 20,2021 9:30 AM CEST
Ansys On Demand Webinar

Aplicación de técnicas de optimización y variación de diseño a simulaciones estructurales/CFD y gemelos digitales

Using a support structure as an example, we will show how to quickly run a parameter study of an FEA analysis in Ansys optiSLang.

Speaker: Bernd Buettner, Manager Application Engineering, Ansys

On Demand

Nuevas capacidades de Ansys en la generación de modelos de placas

Uno de los retos esenciales de Navantia es trabajar de manera rápida y eficiente con modelos de placas. En este webinar intentaremos mostrar las nuevas capacidades implementadas en Ansys enfocadas a la reducción del tiempo de tratamiento de geometría, así como a la generación automática de soldaduras en el mallado.

On Demand
Nuevas capacidades de Ansys Webinar

Nuevo marco de trabajo Ansys/NAVANTIA: herramientas y mecanismos a disposición del usuario

En este webinar se especificará la tecnología disponible, los mecanismos para poner en marcha formaciones y consultoría, y el proceso para acceder a los mismos.

On Demand
Navantia Ansys Webinars

Cómo acelerar tus cálculos estructurales con tecnología HPC

En este webinar para Navantia, mostraremos cómo podéis acortar drásticamente los tiempos de cálculo de vuestras simulaciones estructurales con Ansys Mechanical y HPC.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Simulation

Digital transformation is about adapting to a constantly evolving environment and using existing tools and data in new ways. Ansys delivers the expertise, capabilities, and tools to transform the design and production processes in the defense and naval industry.


Ansys Additive Solutions

Minimize risk and ensure high-quality, certifiable additive manufacturing parts with Ansys’ comprehensive and scalable software solution.


Digital Mission Engineering

Digital mission engineering combines digital modeling, simulation, testing, and analysis for defense applications to evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of a system’s life cycle.


Ansys SCADE Suite

SCADE Suite drastically reduces project certification costs by simplifying critical control application design and automating verification, certified code generation, and documentation generation.


Phoenix Integration

Empowers engineers to create and automate multi-tool workflows, providing increased flexibility to solve challenging engineering problems, and ultimately delivering on the promise of MBE.


CTO Roundtable: Digital Twins

In the CTO Roundtable: Digital Twin session, Ansys CTO Prith Banerjee is joined by Sam George, Corporate VP of Azure IoT, Microsoft; Donato Matinez Perez de Rojas, Group CTO, Navantia; Tauseef Salma, Group CTO, Flowserve and Hakan Yilmaz, CTO, Aerospace, Honeywell to discuss the benefits of digital twins, implementation challenges and how those challenges are already being met.

Assets for Leveraging Simulation


Safe Lighting Design of a Submarine Control Room:

Discover How Ansys optical simulations help engineers ensure the lighting in submarine control rooms is safe and ergonomic.


How MV Werften uses live simulation to develop ventilation concepts

Learn how MV Werften relies on the efficiency of ANSYS Discovery Live for the quick assessment of changes in the design and for the understanding of the flow conditions.


How HVAC Simulation Can Improve Safety in Public Spaces

Learn how Simulation software is used to create a virtual prototype and calculate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) performance of a building or space.


Navantia Leverages Ansys’ Digital Transformation Solutions to Design Next-Gen Naval Vessels

Navantia and Ansys are significantly reducing the development time and increasing the performance of next-generation navy ships including F-110 frigates and S80 submarines.

Navantia’s ALH Room

As a Navantia employee, you have access to hundreds of courses aimed at increasing your Ansys knowledge, enabling you to achieve your project goals with ease.

Via the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH) access curated, supportive content designed to empower and enhance.

  • Discover customized technical content streamlining your learning journey.
  • Join virtual courses and gain certification.
  • Engage with colleagues in the private forums.

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