Internet of Things Webinar Series: Industrial Equipment & Asset Management

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Engineering The Internet of Things for Industrial Automation and Equipment

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way the world designs, connects and optimizes industrial equipment. The IIoT combines the industrial sector — which includes countless pieces of industrial equipment, machines, production facilities, plants and networks — with the power of data gathering, computing, communications and information technologies. It now includes predictive maintenance of assets to reduce cost and nonproductive time, and eliminate breakdown and failure.

View this webinar to learn about the five industry challenges that will maximize your chances of success in the IIoT. Discover how simulation-driven product development can assist you in design and analysis of your equipment and communication systems so you can meet your IIoT engineering and business objectives of your Industrial IOT strategy. Topics will include component- and system-level simulation with examples in sensors, RFID, industrial robotics, instrumentation, and control and network equipment. 

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