Internet of Things Webinar Series: Chip Package System Design

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Designing Low-power IOT Systems

View this webinar to learn how ANSYS engineering simulations can help you to meet the challenges of the IoT. Discover how to validate and even improve the power consumption, lifespan, reliability and overall integrity of this new generation of sensors.

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Chip-Package-Methodologies for Reliable, Cost-Optimized ICs for Automotive and Embedded Applications

The use of high-performance processors for Automotive and Embedded applications is continuing to rise. Unlike other applications, the ICs used for these markets must care about individual component-level power-performance-cost trade-offs in addition to compatibility with other IC’s and overall integration within a system environment. These types of designs must meet key targets such as Power Budgeting, Power Integrity, Electronic Interference Compatibility, Electric Discharge Immunity and Thermal susceptibility.

This presentation will explain how ANSYS-Apache technologies address Chip-Package-System analysis needs utilizing solutions such as PowerArtist, RedHawk, Totem, PathFinder, Sentinel and SIwave.

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Power Noise and Reliability of High Speed IO Designs

ANSYS Totem provides a comprehensive simulation framework for voltage drop, reliability (EM/ESD) and noise coupling analyses of analog, mixed-signal I/O designs. Modern chip manufacturers use engineering simulation to gain confidence in their designs and to help speed their new products to market..

Learn how Totem analyzes static and dynamic voltage drop at the IP or full-chip level to verify IP, not only during the design phase, but also during its integration at the SoC-level. Discover how Totem can validate your high-speed parallel I/O interfaces by simulating the complete I/O bank — together with the entire power distribution network for on-die, package, and PCB — to predict the effect of simultaneous switching noise (SSN) on signal transmission and on-chip jitter.

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