Virtual System Prototyping

As IoT device connectivity and product complexity grows, so does the need for enhanced system simulation capabilities. Companies are struggling to manage intertwined product development, test and maintenance processes, because disconnected departments are often working on the same product. Some are working on physical simulation while others are developing system requirements, creating embedded software, performing physical testing, or optimizing the maintenance cycle of these products with digital twin simulation that supports product predictive/prescriptive maintenance and performance management.. In order to bring these intelligent, IoT-enabled products to market in a timely and cost-effective manner and to efficiently manage their operation, the traditional development process must significantly evolve.

The objective of simulation software is to inform design choices and provide validation results that include systems-level qualities, properties, characteristics, functions, behavior and performance insight. The simulation solution needs to go beyond the parts, or the engineering disciplines of the design, and produce a virtual system prototype that accurately describes the interacting effects of these parts and how they perform as a whole.

ANSYS Simplorer enables you to build complete virtual systems prototypes to create IoT devices faster. ANSYS offers offer the most advanced technologies for 3-D simulation and embedded systems and software design. Simulation has historically concentrated at the component and sub-system level. Now, ANSYS customers can assemble these different components into complete virtual prototypes of software-controlled, multi-domain systems. Virtual system prototypes add value by optimizing not just the performance of individual components or sub-systems, but the entire system all at once.

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