Embedded Software Development

Developing IoT-enabled products is a complicated task, whether the product is an autonomous vehicle, the infotainment system in an automobile or a connected factory. IoT-enabled products contain hundreds, if not millions, of lines of embedded software code. And many of these products and the systems and software that control them are safety-critical. Therefore, developers must have confidence that the software code controlling these devices is 100 percent accurate and responds in the intended manner.Consequences can be dire if this is not the case. Additionally, many of these products must be certified or the product design flow must follow an industry standard certification/qualification process. There is increasing pressure on companies to design IoT-enabled devices and products in a quicker and more cost-effective manner, while maintaining the highest level of safety.

ANSYS SCADE products provide a complete solution for the development of embedded systems, embedded software and HMIs that are often a critical part of IoT-enabled products. With ANSYS SCADE products, systems and software developers can define the embedded system architecture, develop the code that is controlling these devices and create HMIs. ANSYS certified code generators insure that the code produced from the embedded software models is 100 percent accurate. These code generators are:

  • qualifiable as development tools under DO-178B level A and as DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C
  • qualified under ISO 26262:2011 at ASIL D and C
  • certified under IEC 61508 2010 at T3/SIL 3 and EN 50128:2011 at T3/SIL 3/4
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