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Simulation World: Microsoft Covers the Truth About the Cloud

It’s hard to believe that Simulation World, the largest engineering simulation virtual event in the world, is only a few weeks away.

Microsoft is a Diamond Sponsor of Simulation World. Register Now.

Microsoft, one of Ansys’ most valued partners, serves as the event’s Diamond Sponsor. At Simulation World, Microsoft senior management and technical members of its Compute, Automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) groups will discuss the future of computing technology and how our joint vision benefits mutual customers.

Microsoft Azure delivers a complete set of computing, networking and storage resources that is integrated with workload orchestration services for HPC applications. Compared to on-premises options, Azure offers customers optimized application services and purpose-built HPC infrastructure at a competitive price, high performance and with additional benefits. The platform also incorporates machine learning tools that drive smarter simulations and empower intelligent decision making. These are some of the reasons why Ansys chose Azure as the platform for Ansys Cloud.

Microsoft Senior Management to Speak at Simulation World

Uli Homann, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and AI, will join Ansys Vice President of Corporate Development and Global Partnerships, Matt Zack, for a fireside chat at Simulation World.

Uli Homann, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and AI

During the chat, Homann and Zack will discuss Microsoft’s response to the pandemic, their open partnership strategy, and the promising future for cloud computing and HPC. They will also touch upon some key technology trends that aim to benefit by connecting cloud HPC to simulation technology, such as digital twins and autonomous driving.

Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President of Azure Compute, will also appear at Simulation World. Her presentation will cover supercomputing and how Azure HPC unlocks innovation across multiple security levels.

Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President of Azure Compute

She will touch upon some of the computationally challenging requirements of simulation and how users can reap the benefits of elastic, on-demand, price-performance and scalable supercomputing.

William Chappell, Microsoft’s CTO, Azure Global, will present his view on the importance of cloud on simulation.

William Chappell, Microsoft’s CTO, Azure Global

For instance, he will show some of the challenges businesses face from the lack of quality labeled data that can train artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. He will then explain the role that simulation, at scale in the cloud, can play in creating quality synthetic AI training data.

To watch the presentations and chats that feature Microsoft’s Homann, Chapple and Chappell, register for Simulation World.

Simulation World to Feature Microsoft Presentations on the IoT, Digital Twin, 5G and More!

Register for Simulation World to hear from Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President of Azure Compute.

Additional Microsoft representatives will present talks on digital twin, autonomous and 5G topics, including:

  • Extending Azure Digital Twins with Ansys Twin Builder
    • Basak Mutlum, a principal program manager in the Microsoft Azure IoT Engineering Team, will explain how the teams building Ansys Twin Builder and Azure Digital Twins collaborated to integrate simulation-based digital twins with IoT data. Mutlum will also cover industry use cases and the reference solution architecture.
  • Azure for Autonomous Vehicle Development
    • Vijitha Chekuri, Microsoft’s director of Strategy & Business Development, focusing on automotive industry solutions, will discuss the company’s approach and offerings around autonomous vehicle solutions. These solutions accelerate development, validation, compliance, and productization of automated systems that improve safety and meet consumers' evolving expectations. Chekuri will also discuss how Ansys simulations can play an important role within the broader autonomous development platform.
  • RF Synthetics — A Virtual Wireless Globe
    • Paul Tilghman, a principal program manager on the Microsoft Azure IoT Engineering Team, will discuss how airwaves are becoming increasingly complex to navigate with the growth of 5G and the proliferation of low-earth orbit satellites. He will also show how Ansys tools can be leveraged, in the cloud, to build a virtual wireless globe that will enable AI for 5G, enable the expansion of military/commercial spectrum sharing, and provide the ability to virtually test satellite RF payloads.

To watch these and other presentations on the future of technology design, register for Simulation World