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Pay Per Use Licensing for Cloud Computing

While considering a switch to the cloud, many of you may wonder how Ansys licensing will work there, and more in particular, when and how we will support a pay-per-use model. I have very good news for you. Along with your existing licenses, you can use our newly announced ANSYS Elastic LicensingTM. This is a new pay-per-use licensing model unlocking virtually every Ansys product that is supported on cloud-hosting partner hardware.

When you choose to run Ansys on the cloud, one key point is that you don’t necessarily need to buy new licenses or move licenses to the cloud. Through a secure firewall connection (as provided by one of our cloud-hosting partners), you can simply reach back to your on-premises license server, and use the licenses you already own. In this way, we don’t force you into a new business model for cloud computing.

If you want to isolate your work on the cloud, or if you need added license capacity for the cloud, you can either lease/purchase added license capacity or re-host existing licenses on the license server of the cloud-hosting partner.

And, you may be looking to cloud for addressing your intermittent needs for extra license (and computing) capacity during peak project periods. For projects defined well in-advance, short-term lease licenses could then still be considered on (reserved) cloud instances. However, you may also face urgent unexpected or unplanned projects due to some kind of process equipment shutdown, or sometimes product failure or even warranty issues. Because internal approvals for acquiring extra licenses in organizations can be time consuming, you may opt for the use of our new Ansys Elastic Licensing. This usage-based licensing will readily provide access to the full breadth and depth of engineering simulation software, ranging from fluids, structures, electromagnetics to multiphysics.

The new licensing solution from Ansys also makes sense for larger organizations who want a better way to utilize license sharing across geographically distributed teams in different time zones and allocate the license costs associated with this distributed use. The Ansys Elastic Reporter, installed in the cloud, will provide you with full insight into Ansys Elastic license usage within your company and can help you track usage and cost by department and/or project so that internal charge-backs can be arranged.

Stay tuned because we will release it for deployment on the Ansys Enterprise Cloud with the upcoming  Ansys 17.1, and later in the year for on-premises deployment.

Learn more about ANSYS Cloud Licensing.