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Put CAASE18 on Your Calendar for Thought Leadership and Diverse Simulation Topics


I like music almost as much as I like simulation. And my love of music, like simulation, knows no bounds. I like rock, pop, classical and Johnny Cash. I’ll be in a great place next week to enjoy a range of music and simulation in Cleveland, Ohio — home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and CAASE18.

CAASE is the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering. NAFEMS Americas and Digital Engineering (DE) are working together to make this simulation-focused conference unlike any other. This vision is incredibly exciting to me, as is the opportunity to speak with thought leaders across the realm of engineering simulation.

Some of those thought leaders are from ANSYS.

For example, Chris Robinson, ANSYS consulting engineer, will present “Leveraging Thermal Simulations for Metal Additive Manufacturing Part Design and Qualification” on the first day of the conference. Chris and presentation author Brent Stucker are well-respected researchers in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) simulation. Brent is also the visionary behind 3DSIM, which was acquired by ANSYS in November 2017. Chris will also be leading a workshop, Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation Total Workflow, and I encourage you to attend the session and/or workshop and seize the opportunity to talk to Chris about additive manufacturing.


Guoyu Lin is a principal software developer at ANSYS, who is leading the research and development efforts around fracture and crack growth models and their applications. Guoyu will be presenting two papers: “The SMART Method for Automatic Simulation of Static and Fatigue Crack Growth” and “Introduction to Material Force for Fracture Applications” on the first day of the conference.


Laila Salman, an ANSYS lead technical specialist, guides our customers on their journey to understand and execute electromagnetics simulation for radio frequency (RF), antenna, microwave and signal integrity applications. She will be delivering “The Use of Multiphysics Simulation in the Design of Commercial Air Package Delivery Systems” on the second day of the conference.

I also want to mention some of the other ANSYS simulation experts coming to CAASE 18, people like Anchal Jatale, Saeed Jahangirian, Probal Som and Richard Mitchell. As you can see, we are bringing a diverse team — with experience in a wide range of physics, including multiphysics — to Cleveland this year. Check out all of our papers here.

I hope you are now as excited as I am to immerse yourself in the diverse world of engineering analysis and simulation June 5-7. Mark your calendars and register if you have not done so already. While you are there, stop by Booth #33 and say hello to the ANSYS team and me.