Quality Processes

The ANSYS quality assurance process is integral to our corporate commitment to world-class products and customer services. Our formal verification process, administered by our Corporate Quality group, sets the standard for the computer-aided engineering software industry. This process includes:

  • Verifying and validating both existing and new program functions
  • Researching improvements to quality of the ANSYS program
  • Helping to define and improve our software development processes
  • Conducting internal and external quality audits

Product errors cost you and us time, money and frustration. That's why we create and follow a set of stringent plans to build quality into each product release. Detailed ANSYS quality procedures govern every activity related to product development and support. Full documentation for each procedure resides online, available to all ANSYS employees. Quality planning includes a quality plan, high-level documentation plan, configuration management plan, high-level test plan, product training plan and software design specification.

The software design specification, a document or collection of documents that prescribes the requirements, design and other characteristics of each proposed software feature, includes:

  • A design specification that satisfies requirements and objectives for the product
  • A set of tests that constitute acceptance criteria for the design

Each project is developed through iterations; in each iteration the design is reviewed by project team customers or proxy customers. The teams are composed of developers and engineers from the technical support, development, testing and documentation fields.

We conduct regression tests to ensure that new product features and enhancements don't break existing product functions. Acceptance testing on each supported hardware platform and operating system also is required. A defect tracking system logs all errors that are discovered. A technically competent person must approve each step of the correction process before we consider a defect to be "fixed."

The new product then undergoes a final round of verification testing. All reported defects must be resolved before the product ships. Similarly, all documentation for the product goes through several levels of review by technical experts and must be approved before product release. Finally, Corporate Quality auditors ensure that each department or function involved in the product release has complied with ANSYS quality procedures.