Quality Assurance Services

ANSYS makes it easy for you to verify that the ANSYS program is running properly on your computer and operating system by offering different levels of service for verifying and validating the program. Such testing can benefit you when your system undergoes changes, such as an upgrade to the operating system or the installation of different math or vector libraries.

You can use our automated testing service to execute verification tests, perform comparisons against certified outputs, and produce a computer-generated summary file quickly and easily, providing confidence that system changes have not adversely affected software results.

Your enterprise benefits even more if it is considering ISO 9001 certification. Implementing ANSYS Quality Assurance testing services brings you one step closer to achieving certification, because they provide proof that the ANSYS program is functioning properly on your system.

Quality Assurance Services for Structural Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics 

  • Quality Assurance Testing Agreement
  • Quality Assurance Service Agreement

With the Quality Assurance Testing Agreement, you get the following:

  • The ANSYS Verification Manual, a collection of analysis problems you can use to test how ANSYS features and functions operate on your system
  • A controlled copy of our Quality Manual. ("Controlled" means that you receive copies of changes to our quality processes.) The Quality Manual defines the procedures ANSYS uses to ensure that our products and processes meet our internal quality goals and ISO 9001 standards
  • Testing services on one operating system, including:
    • License for a compare program and automated testing procedure
    • Inputs and certified outputs for ANSYS Verification Manual tests cases
    • Inputs and certified outputs for Class3 error correction test cases (A Class3 error is defined as one that allows the program execution to complete and yield results that may be wrong but not easily identifiable as incorrect.)
  • Telephone support for these services

The Quality Assurance Service Agreement includes everything in the Testing Agreement package plus the following:

  • Formal commitment to the requirements given in the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Rules and Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulation, Part 50, Appendix B and applicable parts of NQA-1, Subpart 2.7, Quality Assurance Requirements for Computer Software
  • Acceptance of provisions of Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21, titled "Reporting of Defects and Noncompliances" for commercial grade items
  • Tracking of customer-reported errors in ANSYS (which you can audit)
  • Long-term storage of and access to quality records
  • Expedited error reporting with certified mailing
  • Certificates of Conformance provided with product shipments
  • Auditing rights

Auditing rights for Quality Assurance Service Agreement holders entitles you to conduct an audit of our quality system. You also receive uncontrolled copies of our Quality Procedures document by request.

For information on obtaining ANSYS, Inc.'s Quality Assurance services, contact Bonny Chappell by phone at 724.746.3304, fax at 724.514.1991, or by electronic mail at bonny.chappell@ansys.com.