Filing a Complaint

At ANSYS, we do our best to deliver first-class products and services. If a problem occurs, we are committed to replying promptly to your feedback and ideas on how we can do things better. To ensure that all complaints receive quality assistance and problem resolution, our quality system includes a detailed procedure for handling them.

We define a complaint as a high-level, serious problem, other than a product defect, that affects quality. A typical complaint involves items such as:

  • Non-technical issues or problems related to ANSYS products
  • Issues or problems with or concerning an ANSYS channel partner or an ANSYS technical support staff member
  • Handling of an order or a product shipment
  • Issues pertaining to our company or its policies and procedures

We treat problems with ANSYS software or documentation as errors, not complaints. Likewise, product enhancement requests are not complaints. Use the procedure described in Reporting Errors to notify us of such issues. If you have minor problems that aren't errors or enhancement requests, a simple phone call often can resolve them before they escalate into complaints.

When you file a complaint via phone call, letter, email or fax, include your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number and email
  • Details of the complaint

Submit your complaint to Technical Support by telephone (800.711.7199), fax (724.514.5096) or electronic mail ( You may also mail your complaint to this address:

Attn: Technical Support Group
2600 ANSYS Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317

The information will be logged into our computerized customer complaint database. We will tell you who at ANSYS has been assigned to resolve your problem. Our Support Department then checks with you and the person handling your problem to track the complaint's status until it is resolved. Once we close the complaint entry, you'll receive a follow-up phone call or letter to confirm that you are satisfied with the resolution.