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Introducing VIBES is a specialist company founded in the Netherlands in 2015 with a mission to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques for the engineering community.

Our vision is that every engineer should be able to do complex sound & vibration analyses "first time right". To make that possible, we develop intuitive and user-friendly applications that guide the engineer through all the steps from component measurement to simulation of sound & vibration levels.

Even though VIBES has a strong background in automotive, our solutions are not limited to this industry as such. Our solutions are applicable in various industries, such as aerospace, off-shore, maritime and high-tech. Although goals differ per industry, the focus remains the same: sound & vibrations.
Depending on your goals and in-house expertise, VIBES can assist you with engineering services, intuitive software solutions or training and education.

VIBES' team consists of Mechanical Engineers with extensive experience in Sound & Vibration Engineering and roots at Delft University of Technology. Driven by a passion for engineering and a mission to provide engineers with the tools they need, this team works to make our daily products better, quieter and more sustainable.

Product – DIRAC
DIRAC is software for preparing, performing and analysing impact measurements with online quality feedback

  • Measurement preparation using high-end 3D environment. Creation of measurement instructions and quality reports (*.pdf)
  • Native integration with MBBM MK-II hardware to allow for impact measurement with on-line quality feedback
  • Full support of ASAM-ODS (*.atfx) for in- and export of FRF data, including geometry of sensors & measurement points with accurate positions and rotations
  • Export of experimental 'super-elements' ANSYS Mechanical

Product – VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB
The VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB brings scientific knowledge on TPA, Dynamic Substructuring and Experimental Modelling to industry

  • Latest developments in Experimental DS and TPA available at the command-line using easy object-oriented workflow
  • Import of experimental data, (time series, spectra, FRF) and FE models (e.g. ANSYS); measurement preparation using CAD data in 3D environment
  • Novel FRF quality criteria: consistency, reciprocity, passivity. Virtual Point Transformation to create FE-compatible models
  • Aimed at post-processing and research & development

Region(s) Served

Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America


Eric Pasma
Head of Business Development
Molengraaffsingel 14,
2629 JD,
the Netherlands
+31 85 744 09 70

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