for ANSYS SpaceClaim provides a universal front end for reverse engineering, measurement for real time scan data, and pre-existing point cloud file processing.'s HIPP software eliminates the data translation and computer performance issues usually associated with 3D scanner applications. End users can digitize and reverse engineer physical molds, models, parts, or work pieces more quickly with the combination of HIPP and SpaceClaim's direct modeling technology.


  • HIPP workflow supports collecting raw digitized data from portable and traditional CMMs, laser trackers, LIDAR, blue light, white light, and laser scanners into the SpaceClaim environment.
  • Visualize gigabytes of scan data points in seconds with propriety HIPP REM ™ technology.
  • Interactive hard probe digitizing and editing of 2D and 3D digitized sketch entities.
  • Simplified point cloud clean up tools for mesh, solids, surface creation, and CAD Compare.
  • Process sketch profiles from dense point clouds for quick model creation.
  • Real time scanning integration supports SpaceClaim's accurate mesh to CAD recreation.

HIPP Direct Integration

  • Faro: Faro HD scan arm, Edge, Quantum Arm Platinum, Fusion and Scanners, Legacy arms serial rs232 Gold or Silver, Laser Tracker
  • Romer: Romer Absolute SI scan arm, WinRDS Arm Infinite, Stinger or 3000i
  • Romer Multi Gage
  • Faro Gage requires CAM 2 x 64 Smart inspect
  • Immersion: G2, MX, MLX
  • 3D Creator: Optical tracking system
  • Nikon: MCA Arm
  • Revware
  • Kreon Baces
  • LeicaTracker

Supported Data Formats

  • ARTEC 3D
  • CreaformHandyScan

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