Prediction Probe

PredictionProbe, Inc. (PPI) brings value-added tools, services and experience to any project with our 100 years of experience in advanced analytics, probabilistic and Bayesian technologies, design, modeling, integration, automation, and process, method and technology development. ANSYS user can bring their FEA analysis easily into PPI’s suite of state-of-the-art commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools for analysis, creating work flows, uncertainty quantification, etc. PPI’s world class tools include UNIPASS®, SPISE®, MODELPROBE™ and DISTRIBUTIONPROBE™. PPI’s tools, skills and experience makes us a great teaming partner for all your NextGen architecture design & development and integration projects. Our tools and experience are able to be applied generically in any industry or application in the areas of:

  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Probabilistic Reliability & Stress Analysis
  • Probabilistic Integration Framework
  • Tool Integration
  • Risk–Informed Decision Making
  • Probabilistic Prognostics Analysis
  • Fatigue Life Analysis
  • Model Assessment and Updating
  • Research and Development
  • Software Development
  • Technology Integration
  • Process Automation
  • Technology Applications
  • Training and Mentoring Courses

Regions Served

Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America

Prediction Probe

Susan O'Donovan
Director of Operations
2618 San Miguel Drive,
Suite 260, Newport Beach,
CA 92660, USA
+1 949-379-3503