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Optimal Solutions' flagship product Sculptor provides innovative and proprietary technology, Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD), so engineers can deliver improved/optimized designs for many applications in less time than using traditional methods. Sculptor gives the engineer the tools to morph CAD, FEA,
multi-physics CAE, CFD, (most all file formats) or other geometric numerical models to find those small subtle changes that create substantial improvements
in design performance. ASD allows the user to define shape change variables to create the desired deformations in specific regions of the engineer’s model, where traditional CAD parameters fail. Sculptor has an internal Optimization ControlCenter (OCC) or it can be linked to most all of the commercial and governmental optimization codes to fully automate the analysis/optimization process and increase the value of codes already in house. Designs of Experiments with Surface Response Methodology with graphics can be used to quickly explore and visualize the design space. Multiple Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO), fluid structure interaction (FSI), Shape Matching, or applying the deformations on the original CAD models (Back2CAD) are just a few of the areas where Sculptor has been used by many of the world’s leading aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, motorsports, chemical reactions, electromagnetics, and research institutions to bring more power and speed to their engineering design teams.

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Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America

Optimal Solutions - Sculptor

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