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Matereality® Software for Materials gives companies the means to build databases to store properties, CAE material files, and material information on any material. The built-in suite of web-based software helps engineers visualize and understand material data, create CAE models and manage materials information. Solutions range from small personal databases to Data Servers for global enterprises.

Users can access the Matereality Global Data Center, which includes an extensive ANSYS database of over 2000 material models integrated within Workbench containing linear properties, stress-strain curves with temperature, fatigue, visco-elastic, and rate-dependent properties of many materials. Matereality’s CAE Modeler software converts raw data into common ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Explicit STR material models. All material databases hosted on Matereality can be connected to ANSYS Workbench. The company serves a diverse user base including automotive, appliance, tier-one, material suppliers and processors, electronics, mold makers medical device and consumer product verticals.

Together, the affiliated brands of DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials strengthen the materials core of manufacturing enterprises with services and software to help companies build enduring data collections that accurately represent the materials used in their products.

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Matereality, LLC

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